On November 8, 1943 Bremax Super Adhesive Cellophane tape presented the first episode of the groundbreaking radio dramedy series “Vince Germain: Investigator of the Strange Bizarre and Mundaaaaaaaaaane.”


Featuring a stellar cast of voice talents including - Demitri Muna, Kate Griffith, Vanessa Perkins, Michael Kroker and David Hawkins. Classic episodes included - “The Man Who Wore Shorts,” “The Saint,” and of course “The Search for the Golden Scarab.” Unfortunately, the radio show suffered the same fate as the newspaper series.  Resources and funding were pulled so that Bremax could fund the ill-conceived Vince Germain feature.


The last episode of V.G.I.O.T.S.B.M. aired on July 23, 1944.  It was the highest rated radio show broadcast in 1944, with over 11 million people tuning in for the finale.


Below you will find a couple of clips from the original broadcast as well as a classic Breemaxx radio spot.  Enjoy.

Vince Germain I.O.T.S.B.A.M. introduction .....



Vince Germain Announcer tag ..........................




Breemaxx  Cellophane tape spot.................v